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Ashton Family Portrait Shoot 4/12/21

After waiting a long time due to covid restrictions I was finally able to organise a time to do Courtney’s family portrait shoot, which she had won from a fathers day giveaway on our Facebook page.  The weather for this shoot was absolutely perfect! The clouds were out – which is a good thing, as the clouds act like a soft box to help soften the lighting and prevent the harsh sunlight from reflecting off the skin.

We started off by getting some nice family photos for about 10-15 minutes, trying different locations at the Te Awamutu War Memorial Park. After we got some great photos we decided to get the family doing some activities on the playground – and get some “natural” photos. My 50mm 1.8 Lens allows me to get a nice shallow depth of field in my images, which really helps to separate the subject from the background. It also allows me to use a faster shutter speed which helps to freeze motion for when there is a lot of movement when they played on the playground.

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