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Nanda Engagement Party 7/2/22

After getting home from the Roil family’s shoot, I had to quickly recharge my camera batteries and get ready for Manish and Sushmita’s engagement party and I must say, I never had experienced what I was about to experience. I headed down to Manish’s house, meeting him, his fiance, his family and friends. After chatting for a bit I got my camera gear out and started getting some pictures before the ceremony that was to come. I got some pictures of the decorations, rings etc and then the ceremony began. After the ceremony I got some portrait photos and a photo of everyone, then food was served and dancing began! The decorations looked amazing and I was able to get a wide variety of photos using my usual setup. The white curtain behind the table was a great choice and it helped soften the sunlight which was coming through the glass windows. As the night time came around, there wasn’t much light so I had to bump up the ISO on my camera which as previously explained in another post, can cause some noise/grain to appear in the photos.

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