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Roil Family Portrait Shoot 7/2/22

Unfortunately for this shoot it was raining – So we were limited to inside Lauren and her partners lovely home! Their little one was very playful but also curious about the cameras, so this made it easy to get some nice photos. We started off by getting some photos on the couch, then we got some toys to play with. I started off by getting some photos, testing to see what settings were best, what lighting was best etc. As we were inside there wasn’t a lot of light, so my speedlite (Flash) was very handy in this situation. I used my usual portrait shoot setup, so was able to get a variety of shots. There was a nice curtain behind their couch, so this gave me a nice backdrop to work with. Towards the end of the shoot we decided that we would try to get a nice photo of the family outside – even though it was raining!

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