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Xmas Light Around Te Awamutu/Kihikihi

Its almost Christmas Day! And throughout the month I have seen some amazing light displays! So I decided to go on a “tiki tour” and get some photos of the amazing light displays! Most of these photos were taken with my Canon M50 with a 18-135mm lens. The M50 is great for trips like these, as it is small, lightweight and turns on very quickly – so its easy to save battery! Whilst the 18-135mm lens is great, it only has a minimum aperture of 3.5-5.6 depending on what focal length you are using it at. So this means that I have to turn the ISO on my camera up, which can cause some grain/noise to appear in the images. Although you can edit this grain using the “Noise Reduction” feature in Lightroom, it is still best to avoid it in the first place. Some of the photos were taken using my Canon 90D with a 50mm 1.8 lens. The 50mm 1.8 lens is great for low light situations like this, as the low aperture of 1.8 allows more light to enter the camera, which means that the ISO doesn’t need to be too high. The downside of this lens however, is that it has a fixed focal length of 50mm, which makes it hard to get the whole subject (or house in this case) in the picture. 

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