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New Years Day Fireworks

It was finally time to say goodbye to 2021 and to celebrate, I headed to the fireworks display out at Kawhia! These shots were taken using my Canon M50 and my 18-135mm lens on a tripod, using a slow shutter speed. Using a slow shutter speed means that you can capture a photo over a longer period of time – in this instance these photos were taken using a shutter speed between 1 – 10 seconds. You’ll notice in the first photo on the right hand side that there appears to be a girl looking up at the fireworks. This happened on accident, as whilst I was taking a photo, a person giving this girl a shoulder ride walked in front of the camera and stood on the right hand side of the frame. Whilst it is usually frustrating when people walk in front of you when taking photos – This ended in a pretty cool result!

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